Not in California, but in the old continente, from March 19th until the 26th, Baselworld will make our clockwork dreams come true. It is expected hundreds of thousands of visitors hungry, some of them from the US, for the latest timepieces from the best manufacturers in the world.

A truly showcase for the most wealthy. And if you think Apple Watch are the trendiest spotlight available, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are a lot of surprises still to be presented at BaselWorld.


Certainly one of this year’s highlights will be Chopard’s LUC Regulator, an update of a 2006 watch of impeccable horological virtue, also keep in mind the re-appearance of Angelus, a long-dormant brand given new life by the owners of Arnold & Son, and last but not certainly least, Bremont’s Jaguar E-Type inspired watches.


For quite some time, Boca do Lobo shows a particular interest in the market of handcrafted watches and jewels.

The Private Collection has a design for demanding clients who possess fascinating secrets and the desire to preserve them.

To present some of their exclusive pieces, Boca do Lobo is going to showcase three luxury safes in the most prestigious locations in the city of Basel:


Right at the Centralbahnplatz and in the center of Basel the 4 star Hotel Euler offers 66 spacious rooms and Junior Suites. It was built in 1867 by Abraham Euler and bought in 1981 by the Manz family. This hotel will showcase the BHOÉME LUXURY SAFE.




If you want to treat guests to food of the highest possible standard, then using fresh and high-quality ingredients goes without saying. However, freshness and quality alone will not bring the happy smiles on people’s faces that tell the chef has got it just right. This place will showcase the BLACK DIAMOND SAFE.




Since 1929 the Family Geyer has run the Hotel St. Gotthard Basel, just a 10 minute walk away from Basel‘s historic city center. The 4-star hotel offers its guests more than just contemporary comfort. The property combines style and modern infrastructure within the setting of a hospitable family-business. Friendship begins at reception. Guests are welcomed and bidden farewell as friends of the house. The memorable atmosphere is created from a careful balance of art and tradition. It will showcase the BARON LUXURY SAFE | WATCH WINDER.


A lot of new trendy experiences are expected at BaselWorld and at Basel itself.