Whether it was for five minutes or fifty years, these passionate power celebrity couples — culled from entertainment, politics, and sports — managed to dazzle the world with their love, lust, scandals, and general hotness. Click through the gallery to see if your favorites made the list of the most iconic celebrity couples of all time!

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Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

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Courtney’s crush started on Kurt when she first spotted him at a Nirvana gig in 1989. She thought his girlfriend was pudgy, told him so, and then the two wrestled on a beer-soaked floor. When they finally got together in ’91, the grunge era had found their king and queen. “The men with the two best noses in rock were Axl Rose and Kurt,” said Courtney in 2010. “And I wasn’t going to mate with Axl Rose.” They bonded over their tragic childhoods, and became each other’s muses (most of “In Utero” is written about her, and Hole’s “Live Through This” has Kurt all over it). Sadly, they were also massive junkies. After a Vanity Fair article alleged that Love did heroin while pregnant, their baby, Frances Bean, was taken away — and the couple descended even further into drug hell. In 1994, Cobain committed suicide in their Seattle home.