Inside Los Angeles Luxury Private Clubs Bel Air Club

Friday afternoon and the countdown for the weekend has already started. City Lights and Cocktails are part of any night out plan in the city, but for some of us there is a more Private and Distinct feel to it.

At Los Angeles Homes we sneak inside some of LA’s Private Clubs to have a taste of the fancy and luxurious environments, lean back and delight with our top 5 Members Only Clubs in Los Angeles.

The California Club

Inside Los Angeles Luxury Private Clubs  The California Club

One of the most restrictive clubs, it dates from 1888 when it was a gentleman’s club only. An institution in the Private Club Scene, the California Club still preserves its Bespoken Classical Design Style of fine antiques, handcrafted furniture and rich imported fabrics, curated by founder Architect Robert Farquhar. The Club still keeps with traditional concepts when it comes to Dress code.


 The Jonathan Club &  The Beach Club

Inside Los Angeles Luxury Private Clubs Jonathan Club


Inside Los Angeles Luxury Private Clubs Jonathan Clubs

The Jonathan Club was established in 1985, right in the heart of the downtown business district, in an Italian Renaissance-style building. It hosts a theater, indoor pool, cultural center and old-fashioned service that recently underwent a design makeover. In 1927, combining sand and privacy members were also able to enjoy their own piece of paradise at the Clubs Beach location by the Santa Monica and the Pacific Seashore .


The Soho House

Inside Los Angeles Luxury Private Clubs Soho House

The Place to see and be seen for actors, studio execs and other boldface names in Los Angeles. Soho House began in London and opened a location in West Hollywood in 2010, occupies the top two floors of a 14-story building on Sunset Boulevard. AD 100 designer Waldo Fernandez also contributed to the project. the terrace garden dining area is lined with Olive trees with wicker lanterns hanging creating an illuminated canopy over diners, while   The bar in the Sky penthouse offers views of the surrounding city.

Bel Air Bay Club

Inside Los Angeles Luxury Private Clubs Bel Air Club


Inside Los Angeles Luxury Private Clubs Bel Air Club

One of the only three survivors of the original clubs from the 1920’s, Bel Air Bay Club is, to this day, known as “the paddle tennis club,” having spawned several national champion players. Bel-Air Bay Club consists of two facilities separated by Pacific Coast Highway. The grounds are located on one-quarter mile of beachfront, an extensive renovation of the Lower Club was completed in 2007. The venue features a living room, lawn, patio, lounge, music room and dining room with outdoor areas.


The Balboa Bay Club

Inside Los Angeles Luxury Private Clubs Balboa Bay

Founded in 1948, overlooking the Newport Bay the club is settled in the iconic Balboa Island, an artificial Island, from the mix of both natural estuaries and man-made inlets of Newport Harbor.Balboa Bay Club attracted Hollywood’s big names, as the likes of John Wayne, Robert Wagner, Natalie Wood, also Nixon and JFK held rallies while campaigning. The Club has expanded to include the waterfront Balboa Bay Resort, as well as long-term residences, one of the largest marinas in Newport Beach, and a wide array of magnificent amenities.


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