Valentine’s day is just around the corner and why not celebrate it with a trip to a romantic destination? Whether your idea of romance is an igloo for two, a steamy tango embrace or a gondola ride, find the perfect place to take your Valentine. Today we present you a selection of the top 5 most romantic Valentine’s Day destinations!


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Love in Las Vegas
Even if you’re not planning a drive-through wedding at the Little White Chapel, a hotel break in glitzy Las Vegas is sure to light up Valentine’s Day. Anything is possible here: being serenaded by Elvis, proposing over a poker table and love that money can’t buy.


Romantic Parisian walkways
Nothing says romance quite like Paris’s flowery gardens and cobbled lanes filled with intimate brasseries. Find out why this is one of the world’s top 10 Valentine’s Day destinations by seeing it for yourself. Steal a kiss on Pont Royal, climb Montmartre’s steps at sundown or take a twilight Bateau-Mouche cruise along the Seine.





Castaway in the Seychelles
If the idea of being stranded on white-sand beaches and splashing in the Indian Ocean appeals on Valentine’s Day, so will the Seychelles. For seclusion, book a hotel on boulder-speckled La Digue or coral-rimmed Denis Island.


Kissing under Venice’s Bridge of Sighs
If Romeo had his time again, he’d surely choose to woo Juliet in Venice instead of Verona. Built on water, this romantic city seduces with tangled lanes that lead to the Byzantine basilica rising above St Mark’s Square. Legend has it that embracing under the Bridge of Sighs at sunset spells eternal love.





Two to tango in Buenos Aires
Sultry Buenos Aires is the place to – quite literally – sweep your Valentine off their feet doing the tango. Visitors to Argentina’s passionate capital sway in dimly lit clubs where cocktails and daring dance moves take you back to the glamorous 1930s.


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Have you ever visit any of these luxurious places? Let us know where are you thinking to take your belovedin a Hollywood Style!

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