Celebrities really seem to have it all, don’t they? They get the greatest clothing and accessories from amazing designers…FOR FREE! (Even though they could pay for it ten times over!) They have access to the best parties, other celebrities, amazing vacations and live in the most coveted places in the world. Overall, it’s the lifestyle that pretty much everyone secretly longs for.

The thing about having it all is that you tend to start buying (or being given) items that most people would look at as crazy or unnecessary. No matter how you explore this issue, celebrities have closets filled with items that us “regular people” wouldn’t dream of spending our paycheck on! Oh to be rich and famous, right?!

For instance, we often see celebs in countless paparazzi pictures attending events or simply out enjoying time with their family while carrying around mini designer handbags. While overall these are an unnecessary accessory because they don’t hold much but, they wear them everywhere and we covet them nonetheless. Most women carry around much larger handbags so they are more practical and can accommodate the many things that we cart around with us on a daily basis, but celebrities on the other hand are lucky enough to have staff that carries the important items while they walk around looking stylish at all times.

This fashion phenomenon is so coveted because it seems that most of the mini handbags are the ones that the designers really get creative with, yet are very impractical. A mini handbag is simply a handbag that is so little that in most cases you can barely throw your wallet, car keys, and cell phone inside without struggling to get it closed. Though, we look past their impracticalities, and lust for them even more because we all know that good things come in small packages.


10. Salma Hayek, Balenciaga Link Bag: Price Unknown


Whenever you are as big of a celebrity as Salma Hayek, you can afford any mini handbag that crosses your path, so you need to choose wisely. This bag from the renowned house of Balenciaga was crafted for evenings out on the town and is truly a modern day clutch; meaning that it’s big enough to store a few things, but it doesn’t take away from the overall design. It is beautifully crafted and the supple leather with a slight sheen perfect Hayek’s overall look this evening, as if she could get any more stylish.


9. Miroslava Duma, Chanel No. 5 Perfume Bottle Clutch: Price Unknown


This is truly one of those eccentric handbags that are so out there they rarely go into production and only celebrities can get their hands on them so they can be photographed for the thrill factor that the designer is yearning for. Celebrity Miroslava Duma wore muted colors so that her Chanel No. 5 Perfume Bottle Clutch could truly shine on the red carpet, it also helped that she was pretty much decked out in head to toe Chanel. Anyways, we can pretty much guess that she had to use her pockets for storage, because there was no fitting any essentials in this mini bag!

8. Anne Hathaway, Balenciaga Papier A4 Mini Tote: $1,195


Always looking super charming, Anne Hathaway jumps on board the mini handbag train by choosing one that offers a pop of color. The bag is created of supple calfskin and featured rolled handles with aged metal hardware. As a special surprise for spending the obscene amount of money on a handbag small enough to just sit on your arm and look pretty, you will receive a small leather bound travel mirror so that you can always keep track of how good you look carrying it!


7. Elle Fanning, Valentino Rockstud Mini Cross Body Bag: $1,495


Teenage celebrity sweetheart Elle Fanning has the childhood that most of us dream will be our adulthood, consisting of gallivanting to celebrity hot spots such as Mr. Chow’s notorious restaurant in Los Angeles. Well, you can’t step out in the limelight to attend events like this without wearing the best of the best and in this case it means mini! Her Valentino Rockstud Mini Cross Body Bag is the cherry on top of her wonderfully trendy attire and spot on style.


6. Bethenny Frankel, Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Bag: $1,795


Whenever most moms are out on the town, celebrity or not, they are mostly carrying bags that are big enough to carry all of that fun “mom stuff.” However, Skinnygirl creator Bethenny Frankel is spot on with her style and looks super chic sporting the latest Christian Louboutin bag that she added to her collection. The bag itself is constructed all over of black leather, making it very durable and truly a fan favorite.


5. Reese Witherspoon, Saint Laurent Micro Sac du Jour Bag: $1,995


We love Reese! Her looks are always effortless but polished and pulled together featuring great designers! It’s only normal to want to have your hands free for an afternoon of shopping out in Los Angeles, so she pulled her Saint Laurent Micro Sac du Jour Bag out of the closet to take a spin! This bag is the extra mini version of the Small du Jour Bag, which enables to you carry more than your wallet inside. It is constructed of polished calf skin, which gives it an allover luster, furthering its appeal.


4. Katy Perry’s Niece, Mini Chanel Flap Bag: $2,600


Ok, first of all, we didn’t even know Chanel bags could be made this small and getting your first Chanel bag before you even turn one is pretty impressive. However, then again whenever you have Katy Perry as an Aunt, anything is possible. This bag is truly so tiny that is does appear as if this quilted perfection is made for the pictured infant. This bag comes in the classic black and white (pictured here), but can also be found in a sparkling gold shade…in case you were in the market for one.


3. Ariana Grande, Chanel Flap Bag: $2,900


This Disney star showed up the past weekend to celebrate Easter on the White House lawn to participate in the annual Egg Roll sporting a super trendy and uber chic Chanel Flap Bag around her shoulders. This bag is highly coveted by many, mostly because of its classic Chanel appeal with its gold hardware and vintage quilted design. The bag has come in various colors over the years, but she loves it in a natural shade. Not exactly the high class outfit that is worn with Chanel, but it’s the bag that counts.


2. Cara Delevingne, Fendi Be Baguette Bag: $2,950


Can’t have a party without Fendi and can’t have this list without them either! This designer is widely known for their wonderfully crafted Baguette bags, which come in a plethora of sizes, colors, and materials. This one, worn by celebrity Cara Delevingne at New York Fashion Week is a bright yellow hue, giving her velvet navy party dress the ultimate pop of color to make sure she is targeted by the paparazzi. The bag is made complete with its classic braided strap and gold hardware, perfect for everyday partying.


1.Rita Ora, Chloe Clare Snakeskin Mini Bag: $3,900


So you can’t have a celebrity mini bag list without including a piece that is made from an exotic skin, as celebrities seem to lust for them. Though, for us “regular people” exotic skins such as snakeskin up the price, even for a seemingly mini handbag. In this case, celeb Rita Ora is not only wearing one, but two mini handbags by Chloe, featuring them in two different color combinations, leaving her looking even more exclusive and special. We are jealous, to say the least.