Trip Haenisch’s highly regarded designs have won international acclaim and recognition and have appeared in more than 70 publications worldwide, including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, and many others.

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Trip Haenisch has been working as a designer since the mid-80s, first with Waldo Fernandez and later with business partner Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. Today, he heads his own firm in West Hollywood, working on thirty high-end projects for a clientele that includes celebrities, socialites and media moguls.

Possessing an extraordinary eye for detail and unwavering commitment to style, Trip Haenisch is an award-winning interior designer. Renowned for combining refined creativity with the unexpected, Trip’s signature design aesthetic consists of sophisticated, collected spaces with a laid-back twist that embodies quintessential California living.

Today we are going to focus on a Malibu Beach House Style designed by Trip Haenisch, take a look!

Trip Haenisch

Welcome aboard! The entry of the house is defined by horizontal lines. The front door is slatted teak with a glass backing. Nautical lighting fixtures add to the home’s beachy character. (LA Times)

Trip Haenisch

“When you use dark colors at the beach it’s too harsh for me,” Trip said. “There is something fresher about the medium color flooring in a beach environment. It’s the same color as the sand. And as it gets beaten up a bit it’ll only look more interesting.”

The plaster Donut chandelier is from Waldo’s Designs by Waldo Fernandez.  (LA Times)

Malbu Beach House Style

The upholstered pieces are all his designs. “Upholstery needs to be comfortable and inviting. Cotton and linen are totally appropriate at the beach,” he said. “Linen can get wrinkled and a little sloppy, which only makes it look more charming. And if you are worried about kids and wet bathing suits, there are now outdoor fabrics that look like linen and velvet.” (LA Times)

“The client likes bright and cheery colors and wanted to do the house in yellow and turquoise,” Trip Haenisch said. “For a month I had insomnia. I couldn’t imagine doing it.” The solution was to confine the strong colors to small spaces. Note how the artwork in the turquoise frame draws the eye toward the wallpaper and the yellow-framed artwork in the bathroom.” (LA Times)

Malbu Beach House Style

In an upstairs guest bedroom, the color scheme gets even stronger. “It’s all about the volume of the color,” Haenisch said. “If you ground really bright colors with neutrals and natural materials, like the rush headboard, it will lower the volume and richen the look.” Haenisch turned lacquered Parsons tables into nightstands.  The map on the wall and ethnic print pillows add a sense of adventure. (LA Times)

 The master has a four-poster bed designed with posts painted white that Haenisch likes because they disappear against the white wall. “A TV at the foot of the bed is the bane of my existence,” said the designer, who covered the box that holds the screen in fiber material.  (LA Times)


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