Urban Luxury concepts are even more required these days, due to the exquisite character within this design definition. They reflect the hottest trends of the moment, being extremely desired by every interior design aficionado. Today, Los Angeles Homes presents a selection of great designers that perfectly compose that same trend across incredible projects that the companies embrace.


Sylvia Bolton

Credits by Sylvia Bolton

Sylvia Bolton shares over 30 years within the interior design industry, in Italy and the United States of America. In 1993 she created her design studio, contributing with her expertise in fine art and industrial design. She has worked with shipyards and clientele in North America and around the World. Her projects and often reviewed and published in the leading yachting magazines.


Lizette Marie

Credits by Lizette Marie

Lizette founded her high-end residential design firm, Lizette Marie Interior Design, transforming into a prestigious designer through the years. She firmly believes in the creation of custom spaces for her clients, making it playful and colorful. The designer also likes to use color and geometrics in large-scale projects.



Credits by ROY

ROY is a full-service hospitality design studio based in San Francisco, that aims to create functional and exquisite designs, whether the concept of the project may be. ROY was founded by sisters Emily and Hannah Collins in 2013, who combined their passions for the hospitality industry and storytelling through design.


The Johnson Studio

Credits by The Johnson Studio

The Johnson Studio stands as an incredible design agency that provides one-of-a-kind sensorial experience through the establishment of amazing settings. In over 500 projects completed by this company, each one unique, each one a stage setting for a lifetime of memorable experiences.


Taylor Borsari

Credits by Taylor Borsari

Taylor Borsari Inc. was founded in 2005 focused on bringing personalized attention and inspired design to each project. They like to work closely with their clients, in order to present the best settings, being comfortable, timeless and functional interiors. Taylor began her career under the esteemed Michael Smith, where she managed large-scale residential projects in Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Malibu and Montecito. These urban luxury projects are part of the portfolio which is a delight for every design lover!