Today, Los Angeles Homes want to concentrate on kitchen chairs. We have never discussed kitchen counter stools or even kitchen interior ideas. As a reason, we have 15 incredible counter stools for those who love to cook or just to eat.

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Symbol of knowledge and rebirth, Nº20 counter stools distinguishes itself for its attitude represented in its fabric, a beautiful and standing out twill, and its structure that embraces us with strength and determination, like Mother Nature.


The shape of Kelly’s back support is made to endure and be comfortable, that could be translated into hours spent at the kitchen, enjoying a meal.


White and minimalist counter stools at modern design kitchen.


Counter stools by Knoll at a New York home.


Florida home designed by Nate Berkus showcasing four kitechen counter stools by BDDW and light fixtures by Historical Materialism. Image source:


Manhattan home with wood counter chairs and leather cushion pads.


Leather upholstered counter chairs by Kelly Wearstler.



Doris counter chairs by Essential Home.


Modern interior design kitchen of londoner Colin Radcliffe’s, with 1970s upholstered counter chairs. The upholstered chairs match the minimal decor of the kitchen.


Counter chairs by Kelly Wearstler.


Modern kitchen of a Silicon Valley family designed by architect Cynthia Wang and designer Jamie Bush. This modern kitchen’s island creates a somewhat moody atmosphere with its quartzite countertop. The custom-made modern chairs are covered in an Edelman leather.

counter stools

Luxurious kitchen in an Upper East Side home. The modern interior design kitechen was decorated with three counter stools, upholstered in white leather.


James Dixon Architect in collaboration with Carolina George recently completed this inspiring eclectic kitchen in New York. We love the chair design.

counter stools 1

Los Angeles home. These upholstered chairs have a geometric chair design and the upholstery is Edelman cowhide. | Source:

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