Modern floor lamps are very special pieces that can definitely help you achieving amazing design living rooms. If you are looking for some interior design ideas on design living rooms regarding modern floor lamps, we bring a selection of incredible choices, created by some of the most renowned designers.


Get inspired by Turner Floor Lamp, an interesting interior design idea for your next modern interior design. Inspired by Tina Turner’s dance moves it has an art deco shape with the possibility of rotating its arcs into the desired position so that you can create your favorite composition at any time.


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REVOLVE Floor Lamp by Bert Frank a lovely piece for an outstanding luxury home.


Cyrus was the brave Persian king that conquered Babylonia and its Cylinder was the document that proves it. CYRUS is a modern floor light that was inspired by the freedom and the vast culture of the Persian civilization. An original lighting feature, made in polished brass. Luxurious, yet, sober and exquisite for the majority of Los Angeles Homes.


Lambert et Fils is a Montreal-based lighting design studio founded in 2010 by Samuel Lambert. The studio’s original and custom lamps for residential and commercial settings take cues from mid-century Modernism, the Industrial Age, and Lambert’s own minimalist aesthetic. The studio revisits iconic motifs across the range of these influences to create its own distinctive collections. A great lighting feature for the majority of Los Angeles Homes and it’s modern interior design.


Characterized by the rhythmic composition of its elements, reduced shapes, clean lines and lots of black, Ike floor lamp truly embodies what a DelightFULL piece is an elegant look full of refinement and modernity. Ike is the result of a collaboration between a Dutch designer and Delightfull’s design team. Strict northern design rules meet a southern taste to be a great choice for interior design ideas of the most Luxury homes.


LIGHTOLIER BY Gerald Thurston


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Los Angeles Homes wanted to bring you some of the best interior design ideas on modern floor lamps for your design living room.

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