Small Cool Spaces in LOS Angeles

Size doesn’t matter especially when it concerns Interior Design. We all know that Small apartments are synonym of Big Cosmopolitan Cities where square meters rating can be over the top costly. It isn’t any different in Los Angeles Real Estate World.

You don’t need endless rooms to create inspirational designs, in fact the smaller the room the more demanding it is of your imagination to come up with the best design solutions. Stylish Small-Scale Living is possible and we can prove it.

Small Cool Spaces in LOS Angeles

900Sf Silver Lake Mid Century Perch

There is nothing unnecessary in it, the house is full of space. Using its common feature of long and narrow spaces, they transformed the dining room into seating storage and eating areas.

Small Cool Spaces in Los Angeles Los Feliz

500sq ft Fascinator at Los Feliz

This Charming space has a bit of an old world charm from Italy. Bringing the landscape indoors there is a very smart use of paint and lighting that gives this house a wonderful easy flowing feel to it.

Small Cool Spaces in Los Angeles Echo Park

700sq ft Overhauled at Echo Park

Modern lighting throughout makes the space open and bright while the choice of not using rugs highlights the sleek concrete floors which add to the feeling of buoyant space. Also the use of color with bright and bold accent pieces in contrast with neutral walls and furniture helps the space feel more airy.

Small Cool Spaces in Los Angeles Hollywood

700 sq ft of small finds in West Hollywood

In a one bedroom apartment there was a need for the breakfast area to turn into an office and the living room be separated by niches allowing the owners and the dogs to share the same space without feeling like they are right on top of each other.

Small Cool Spaces in Los Angeles  DownTown

845 sq ft of Creative loft at Downtown Los Angeles

A designer’s eye for décor, this apartment is every bit of inspirational with design elements, color and warmth. With 1912 original architectural details, while still keeping the modern conveniences there is a section off areas without having to build physical walls.

Small Cool Spaces in Los Angeles Silver Lake

595sq ft Bachelor Pad at Silver lake

This tastefully appointed bachelor pad, has been able to integrate vintage MidCentury Modern with contemporary pieces, with an optimal layout.

Small Cool Spaces in Los Angeles Downtown

650 sq ft Fashion Statement at Downtown Los angeles

an open plan space oasis of calm and comfort. The luxurious appointments that the space was furnished help separate the living spaces , creating a room inside themselves.

Small Cool Spaces in Los Angeles

550 sq ft on a Budget at LA

What we most love about this project is the soothing quality.

Small Cool Spaces in Los Angeles

800sq ft for family at Eagle Rock

White painted wood floors , a garage transformed into a small studio and a very clever seating arrangement are the secret key to this family success in living in such a small area.


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