Today we’ll present you an outstanding selection of 15 modern floor lamps. As you’ll understand, this is the perfect article for you to get the best ideas on floor lamps for your bedroom, dining room or living room designs. There are so many lighting solutions and so many lighting brands designing unique floor lamps in the world that you cannot lose this amazing opportunity to find the perfect standing lamp for your home design ideas.

Los Angeles Homes prepared a selection of 15 floor lamps for your Los Angeles Home.


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Hanna is a vintage floor lamp which suits perfectly a living room or a hall. Its structure made in noble marble reports to a classical ambiance, back to art deco. As the jazz drummer Jake Hanna, this floor lamp takes the shape out of that voluptuous instrument. Its five lampshades are made in aluminum by artisans who apply delicately an ancient technique called hand metal spinning. Bathed in gold and white, it evokes a powerful retro ambiance. Full of grace and charm, indeed, it is a pure mid century modern lamp impossible to resist.



The poetic Lotus floor lamp is a dramatically exquisite way to add splendor to any setting. Luxury craftsmanship is present in the meticulous hand carving and finishing of the base. Hand carved wood base, finished in a high gloss translucent color varnish over a silver leaf. Lampshade covered in a low sheen black silk with gold lining.

  TOP 15 Floor Lamps for Los Angeles Homes3

Ivete Sangalo is the tropical muse of Brazilian Pop Culture and was also the inspiration behind this exotic light fixture. Using a mixture of materials such as brass and marble, this unique light fixture can serve as table lamp or a floor lamp.

Shaped like the iconic tropical Palmtree similar to the ones where notes of Bossa Nova echoed as the Girl From Ipanema walked by. Switch on the Ivete Palmtree lamp and get transported to an exotic environment.

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Guns floor lamp by Philippe Starck to Flos.

  TOP 15 Floor Lamps for Los Angeles Homes5

Uniqueness, emotion and passion are Boca do Lobo’s important keywords. The colors and the refined materials of its astonishing décor pieces are the principal features of this luxury Portuguese brand. Skyscraper floor lamps are no exception. In fact, they are one of our most original and exquisite décor pieces. With an unmistakable presence beyond its mere functional characteristics this lamp adds a classical appeal to any setting. Delicately hand carved mahogany base with a fringe lamp’s shade, Skyscraper’s base is brilliantly finished in a white lacquer with a gradual color transition to yellow.

  TOP 15 Floor Lamps for Los Angeles Homes4

Cyrus was the brave Persian king that conquered Babylonia and its Cylinder was the document that proves it. CYRUS floor light was inspired by the freedom and the vast culture of the Persian civilization. An original furniture piece, made in polished brass. Luxurious, yet, sober and exquisite.

TOP 15 Floor Lamps for Los Angeles Homes7

For an industrial home decor this could be a good floor lamp option.

TOP 15 Floor Lamps for Los Angeles Homes8

Here you have two amazing floor lights: AJ Floor Lamp and Panthella Floor Lamp by Verner Panton. You can use them as a reading lamp in a lounge area.

TOP 15 Floor Lamps for Los Angeles Homes10


Neil floor is a reminiscent lamp of the golden years of space. Constructed of brass tubing using the classic method of bending the brass twice into a rounded oblong shape allows for bright and load casts of light holding spherical diffusers with a retro futuristic style of that era. It has 3 arms with adjustable lights creating a versatile piece giving a good periferic light range. The elegance of the continuous flowing center tubes gives a floating sensation to the whole piece, that would be perfect for a beautiful light living room or in a cozy lobby.

NIKU is the diminutive of Nikumaroro, part of the Kiribati islands group, known as Phoenix Islands. Surrounded by the depths of the Pacific Ocean, it’s the beauty of the coral that makes NIKU floor lamp a rarity in contemporary lighting. Through its gold plated brass structure, 8 glass light globes emerge representing the wide diversity of ecosystems that inhabit this remote island. This contemporary lighting piece fills your modern home decor with exoticism, creating a live and bright ambience.

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Merely mention the name Coltrane and you will feel a deep connection with innovation and the expressive music in Jazz. Taking these powerful connections created by John Coltrane our designers have created a monumental design that will withstand time. With 3 iron tubes, it makes a magical and a smooth lighting effect for architectural environments.
AW 2013

Talking about unique designs… This golden standing lamp with 3 lamp shades is heaven on earth.

We found this image at Pinterest from Bloomingville’s Autumn Winter 2014 Catalog and we love everything about it, but the standing lamp is the focal point here. Simple lines and wooden details. Just love it!

TOP 15 Floor Lamps for Los Angeles Homes15

A no nonsense collection of lights. Base is sand cast in rough iron. The brass shade is spun, rolled and lacquered with a soft satin finish. The warm hued brass gives a soft, ambient light.


Los Angeles Homes wanted to bring you some of the best ideas for you to redecorate your room at your trendy luxury home.

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